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Rethink indulgence.

Our mission is to create healthy foods that people crave.


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    We offer fresh, vegetable-based foods that are ready-to-eat in under 7 minutes.
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    Packed with nutrients, fiber and protein, you'll feel good about what you eat.
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    Simply craveable and uniquely delicious, this is pure comfort food.

It’s about more than just food.

I created Hungryroot because I’ve seen firsthand the effect that food has on people’s lives.

At the age of 27, I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes, and shortly thereafter, my son was diagnosed with autism. I quickly learned the positive impact that diets rich in fruits and vegetables have on these conditions, but I struggled to be excited by healthy foods. I’m passionate about food, and I didn’t want to sacrifice the pleasure of a truly good meal to eat "well." So I played with bringing out the flavors and textures of our favorite foods without the usual fats, sugars and empty carbs. My trick is to use vegetables in dishes we all love, but don't typically associate with vegetables, like cauliflower couscous, black bean brownies, and maple chickpea pancakes. I was fortunate to initially showcase my ideas on Top Chef Masters, and am now excited to share these creative foods to everyone through Hungryroot.

As I continue my journey to vegetable-centric eating, I’ll be sharing tips and videos via my newsletter. I hope you’ll join me.

Chef Franklin Becker

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Let’s change America’s habits one bite at a time.

$2.25 trillion
US healthcare expenditures
spent on conditions preventable by quality nutrition and exercise
SOURCE: National Center for Health Statistics
Only 6%
of Americans eat the recommended amount of vegetables.
SOURCE: U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services
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