Healthy indulgence,

delivered to your doorstep.

All of the good...

At Hungryroot, we’re not just sending you food. We’re sending you 100% vegan, gluten-free food packed with nutrients, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. You see, not all food is created equal. Bad fats (processed foods, trans fats) raise your cholesterol and simple carbs (refined sugar, white bread) spike your blood sugar. That's why our products include healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, cashews, almonds and avocados) and complex carbs (sweet potatoes, cauliflower, quinoa, beans and oats) so that you can stay satisfied and energized throughout your day and week.
  • 5
    Plant Based
  • P
    Nutrient Rich
  • N
    Healthy Fats
  • V
    Complex Carbs

...without the bad.

Convenience foods are high in demand because of their ease. Yet they are some of the unhealthiest foods we consume. At Hungryroot, we’re taking a different approach. We keep the convenience, but strip out the unwanted. No gluten. No dairy. No preservatives. No trans fat. Limited added sugars. Limited sodium. We’re proud of this, and we hope you are too.
  • G
    No Gluten
  • D
    No Dairy
  • 5
    No Preservatives
  • m
    No Trans Fats
  • M
    Limited Added Sugars
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    Low In Sodium