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All sizes include a variety of fresh, clean ingredient foods personalized to your preferences
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  • What type of food do I get?

    We send you a variety of fresh, clean ingredient foods, ranging from fresh-cut vegetables and versatile sauces to delicious proteins and wholesome desserts. We tailor what we send you based on your personal preferences, and you can always customize after checkout.
  • What can I make with my foods?

    All our foods are great on their own, but they also fit together in all sorts of ways to make quick and healthy sautés, grain bowls, pastas, flatbreads, salads, and sides—or anything else you can dream up. We’ll send you suggested pairing and cooking tips with each delivery.
  • What is the nutritional information of the food?

    All our food is made from clean ingredients, and free of refined sugars and artificial preservatives. For more information, see our Nutrition page.
  • How much food do I get?

    We have three options: 11 items (perfect for individuals), 16 items (great for couples), and 21 items (designed for families). Think of your Hungryroot delivery as the majority of your groceries for the week, minus the basics like milk or bananas. Learn more.
  • Can I choose which foods I receive?

    Yes! You can either set your preferences to tell us how often you want each item and we’ll take care of the rest (think of it as grocery shopping on auto-pilot), or you can customize your order each week.
  • Do I have to get a delivery each week?

    Nope! While we’re happy to send you a box of healthy foods every week, we also know you have other things going on. You can skip any week before the 12PM ET Thursday cutoff.