• The Starter Set

    Includes $69 worth of fresh, healthy foods. Great for individuals and couples!
    Weekly box $69.00
    First box $59.00
    +Free Ground Shipping
    Skip or cancel at any time

    The Good Life

    Includes $99 worth of fresh, healthy foods. Perfect for couples or families!
    Weekly box $99.00
    First box $79.00
    +Free Ground Shipping
    Skip or cancel at any time

    The Good Life

    $99 of fresh healthy foods
    For couples + families!
    $79 first box
    $99 weekly

    FREE ground shipping
  • The Starter Set

    $69 of fresh healthy foods
    For individuals + couples!
    $59 first box
    $69 weekly

    FREE ground shipping

Enjoy a curated selection of our best sellers or customize after checkout.

  • Sweet Potato
    Pad Thai
  • Kohlrabi Peanut
    Takeout Noodles
  • Kale Cauliflower
    Burrito Bowl
  • Kale Pesto
    Shaved Brussels
  • Black Bean
    Brownie Batter
  • Crunchy Walnut
    Date Muesli
  • Ginger Brussels
    Yuba Lo Mein
  • Avocado Bean
    Southwestern Salad
  • Almond Chickpea
    Cookie Dough
  • Cheesy Artichoke
    Kohlrabi Noodles


  • What type of food do I get?

    From breakfast to dessert, you’ll get a rotating selection of fresh, healthy, easy to cook foods ranging from Cheesy Butternut Squash Fries to Sweet Potato Pad Thai. Check out a selection of our items here, and customize your box after checkout.
  • How much food do I get?

    We offer two plans: The Starter Set and The Good Life. Both include fresh, clean ingredient foods, ranging from fresh-cut vegetables and versatile sauces to delicious proteins and wholesome desserts. The Starter Set, which is great for individuals and couples, includes $69 worth of food, whereas The Good Life, which is perfect for couples or families, includes $99 worth of food.
  • How long do the foods take to cook?

    Almost all of our products are ready-to-eat or cooked in under 10 minutes (a few require baking for ~20 minutes). We generally recommend stovetop cooking, but all are microwavable as well.
  • Can I choose which foods I receive?

    Yes. While we curate each box so you don’t need to, you can build your own box to create the perfect experience for you.
  • What is the nutritional information of the food?

    All of our foods are vegan, gluten-free, high in nutrients, fiber and good fats, and low in sugar, sodium and calories. Learn more here.
  • Do I have to get a delivery each week?

    No. You can skip any delivery before the weekly cutoff, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.