We're committed to doing better.
Sustainability is at the top of our priorities list. It’s a big, difficult, exciting project that has no end date. While we know our approach won’t be perfect, we promise to be honest with you every step of the way.
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Helping you eat more plants, more often
It’s not just because they taste great. According to the UN’s 2019 Climate Change Report, incorporating more plants more often into your diet has a positive impact on climate change.
Recycle your shipping materials
Hungryroot packaging
Box, Paper Cooler + Food Protector
They’re all 100% curbside recyclable. Just recycle with your cardboard and paper materials.
EnviroIce ice pack
Cut a corner off this ice pack, then discard the non-toxic drain-safe gel into your sink with running water or use it to feed your plants (solo or mixed with water)! Yup, this ice pack keeps your groceries chilled and doubles as plant food. Then, just recycle the #4 plastic bag.

BRiQ Paper Gel Ice Packs
Cut a corner off this ice pack, discard the leak-proof compostable gel in your trash can or commercial compost, and recycle the paper bag with your curbside materials.
Recycle your food packaging
We source all sorts of innovative groceries, and they all come packaged differently. To recycle or dispose of food packaging, be sure to check the package for instructions. Looking for a recycling center near you? Just search for your zip code and the packaging type here.

By the way, because we want to make sure nothing goes to waste, you might see updates to packaging happen gradually instead of all at once.
This is pretty cool
When packing deliveries, we’re able to separate shelf-stable items from chilled items for most box sizes. This helps us decrease ice usage, shipping weight, and overall carbon footprint.
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No veggie left behind
Roughly 40% of the food produced in the US goes to waste, and traditional grocery stores only contribute to the problem (read more here). We only source what we’re able to sell—and when we run into excess food stock, we donate 100% of it to local food banks like the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, non-profit organizations like City Harvest, or community fridges like The Barrio Fridge.
Our mission is to make it easier for more people to eat healthy—and feel great—every day. We also want you to feel great about your impact on the planet.
Here’s what we’re
focused on now:
Chef Increase recipe support to minimize food waste
Heart Introduce more sustainably sourced grocery items
Better chicken Join the Better Chicken Commitment